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Things are not going well in my personal life. I feel like I've been spread thin with good intentions as much as the more difficult things life has been throwing at me. So I've desded to not only step down from mod duties but also from da (and a few other sites) altogether. Along with this I'm also actively stepping away from RL events and socializing.

I will only be active on my tumble and Instagram accounts. Mostly to keep up a log of my art. 

Yourundead is my name on both places. See you on the flip side.
Pagan/witch/wiccan friends(or atheist friends who like the iconology of ancient patheons) what god/goddess/deity's do you like? What don't you see much of? What do you see to much of in more modern art? Or is misinterpreted?

Any other input would be cool. Since most cons are out of my reach to go to, I was going to make a bunch of artwork 4 some Pagan events that my mom goes to.
Thank you in advance!
Its been a busy work week and dealing with doctors. I haven't been able to sit down and finish raffle owned art. So here are a few sketches and ink so far! 

14885041366251792299778 by your-undead
1488504169383-941001405 by your-undead

And here is a sketch of my own pillowing and myself

Img 20170227 100716 by your-undead
The winners are:


Also a thank you to everybody who attended this raffle. I appreciate your love for pillowing's and your love for the community
Since very few people entered and many haven't designed their pillowing I will be expanding the end date. 
It will be open till the 26th 11:59pm mountain time.

I will be opening six slots for watercolored pillowing. 
My only stipulation is they must be one gained from this event  Pillowing-Pile: Send a Friend Event! CLOSED by CloverCoin

Winners will get a full body picture done of their new pillowing! Sorry I won't be able to send out to anywhere other then USA physical copies if wanted.

Please share
Pillowing-Pile: Send a Friend Event! CLOSED by CloverCoin
Its not open yet!

So two things about this event.

I will be helping to moderated it. So if you have any questions you can ask them on this journal.
I don't have somebody to give my myo slot to. Would any of my followers like me to give them one? 

Remember you can only receive one.
I won't be around the next few days, online or anywhere really. We're in the middle of a move. And depending on how some medical stuff goes, I might have to take a break for a little bit.
 I still will be creating art and writing. But I won't be online. Also we don't have internet yet at our new place.
The hardware on my laptop burnt out. So I need some money quickly help pay for that. So I can finish commissions and continue commissions since it's a source of income for me.

Traditional chest up with Copic for $15. If interested please send character information and your PayPal address to my inbox so I can invoice you.

Thanks so much in advance.
This is one of the few CS groups that I adore and love. Even if i dont draw them as much as i should. 

There is a cool event going on over here if you wanna take a look!

Mystery Obscura Raffle | OPEN | CLOSED by Cybambie
My job and kids have been keeping me very busy with a dash of mishaps.
I will he employing a friend to organize my front page so it looks better.

Also I hope to have some more actual art finished to shop
Trying to get more art under my belt and would love to do art for others as welll. Ive got a few slots open for sketch art trades if anyone is wanting to do one with me.
Want to do a few after work and would like to draw some fellow pillowings. I'll chose a few when I get off.
Thank you.

Edit: chosing and working on them now. 
due to a family event, I will not be on here for some time. I will be checking for a few events i joined and commissions but other then that i wont be responding. 
aka i am being art blocked by work.

With so many spoons being used at my job i have no energy to do art or work on my comic. I hope to fix this soon asking for less hours.

Till then please bare with my bareness of art.
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That is all,
Doing super cheap experimental Icons. They are $5 each. If anyone is interested, just note me.